Suitjamas: Pajamas That Look Like a Suit

Look and feel like a million bucks every time you go to sleep by slipping into these Suit Pajamas! Made from fine silk and cotton, these comfy pajamas are the officially licensed version of the Suitjamas seen in “How I Met Your Mother”.

Suitjamas pajamas for men.

There’s no denying that many people out there take a great pride in their appearance, but it’s fair to say that whilst keeping a finger on the pulse of fashion is easily achievable when it comes to casual and formal wear, it’s not so easy when it comes to bedroom attire. Historically, pajamas have been somewhat uninspiring, but the tide has turned and if style conscious people take a look at what Suitjamas got to offer, they will soon see that it is indeed possible to be fashionable in the bedroom. With a little help from Suitjamas, everyone out there can be a trendsetter, 24/7 and 365 days of the year!

Pajamas that look like a suit.

How should you wash and care for the Suitjamas? Use cold water cycle only, use the silk/delicates setting, better not to use a dryer – hang on a coat hanger in partial sunlight and leave to dry if possible (this helps the Suitjamas keep their form and prevents wrinkles later).¬†When ironing your Suitjamas it’s again important to remember that you’re wearing silk, which is a luxury fabric, but not as tough and durable as cotton or wool. After drying, spray the suit lightly with water to keep them just a little bit damp and put a tea towel or cloth over the fabric to prevent the silk fibres from accidentally burning. Keep the iron at a low setting (most irons have a silk/delicates setting) and make sure both the tea towel and suit stay slightly damp as you iron. One of the advantages of silk over cotton or wool is that you will discover it is much easier to get the wrinkles out.

Man wearing Suitjamas.

So where to get this life-changing fashion sensation? Just check out this Amazon listing, and invest into a whole new (and clearly very odd) sleepwear experience!