Dark Humor: How Bad Do You Want To Know The Test Results?

Why doctors like dark humor and so many doctor memes are filled with it? Doctors deal with serious and often emotionally charged situations on a regular basis, and dark humor can be a way for them to cope with the stress – it’s a way for doctors to confront and process difficult topics and situations in a way that feels more manageable. There: now you know while joking about death and illness is actually a good thing!

Willy Warmer Will Help You To Survive Harsh Winters

The weather might get chilly, but there’s no need for you to suffer with a chilly willy. Also known as cock sock, this convenient and eye-catching willy warmer is the perfect gag gift for your mate who insists he’s just cold – not that his dick is just simply ridiculously tiny. It’s knitted in a fashionable red, and has a a knitted drawstring tie to keep it snug around the crown jewels.

Willy warmer.

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