Egguins: Penguins For Cooking And Storing Eggs

If you’re looking for cute, quirky, and quite useful way to cook and store eggs, the Egguins might be just for you. This penguin egg cooker is a device that features six penguins in a circle that each hold an egg that you can place inside a pot of boiling water or store them in the arctic winter of your fridge.


So how do you use the Egguins for cooking? To use the Egguins, just place an egg inside the arms (fins) of each penguin. The silicone fins of the penguin will lock each egg inside so it doesn’t fall out in the water. Plus it’ll keep each egg fully submerged underwater to get it fully cooked. The top of the penguin egg cooker has a large handle that stays out of the water to easily place in and remove it from the boiling water without the risk of burning yourself.

Boiling eggs with Egguins.

How do you use the Egguins for storing? It’s quite straightforward, really: you can then set them directly into your fridge to let them cool down without ever having to remove them from the penguins arms. When you want to eat an egg, just grab it from the fins of a penguin. The holder won’t tip over, as it’s perfectly balanced no matter how full of eggs it is.

Egguins in the fridge.

The Egguins is made from plastic that can safely go inside of boiling water or your fridge, it’s dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, and measures 5.78 x 4.76 x 4.96 inches. For those who live outside United States, that’s 14.6 x 12.1 x 12.6 cm.


The general consensus among chefs is that around 4 to 5 minutes are enough for a soft-boiled egg and 8 to 9 for a hard-boiled one. The perfect egg takes 6-7 minutes to make. Even with this knowledge, people often mess up, so it would be even better if Egguins egg holder had a mounted timer. Maybe the next version will have it, if they decide to come up with one.

Egguins box.

So where to get this brilliant, life-changing invention? You can snag the penguin shaped egg cooker from Amazon for around $20.