This Duck Shaped Snowball Maker Lets You Build Your Own Duck Army

While it’s fun throwing snowballs at friends and family, making snowmen, sledding, and generally doing any fun snow day activities, it’s nearly impossible to mold the perfect snowball, which can really dampen the experience. Making a snowball duck: 100% impossible. Not anymore, though! Now you or your kids can mold a perfect snowball duck with this cleverly made duck snowball maker set!

Duck snowball maker mold.

You can choose from few different colors, whatever suits you best, however we would recommend going with yellow – it’s just much more duck-ish than other colors. It’s made from some kind of crappy plastic and will probably break easily (we assume), however these duck snowball molds are cheap and can be easily replaced.

Snow duck.

Another major benefit of these duck shaped snowball clamps is that they allow users to make snowballs without having to use their hands directly! Even with gloves on, this can make a major difference in keeping the hands warm, ultimately allowing you to win your snowball fight with longevity. Grips are formed on the edge of each handle, making them even easier for kids of all ages (and adults with tiny hands, too!) to hold onto the snow molds. So if your hands are even smaller than Trump’s tiny paws, you shouldn’t have any problems making snow ducks with these.

Snow duck army.

And for those of you who aren’t experiencing winter because you live on some beautiful tropical island, you can also use these shape molds in the sand to build a huge army of sand ducks for no good reason at all. So where to get this extremely useful thing? Where to send your hard-earned cash in exchange for plastic duck molds? You can buy them on Amazon… obviously… because nobody goes to malls anymore and they all will go bankrupt in the next decade or so.